Aden, Japanese Parts Specialist

Aden is a qualified automotive mechanic with over 15 years of experience in the automotive industry. Aden’s passion lies within his family, cars and any type motorsport. Aden is proud to live in Bathurst and be an active contributor to the success of Brakepro Bathurst.

Aden is continuously involved in the community with spending his free time either helping/racing at the Bathurst Light Car Club events, working on his car, friends cars or spending time with his family.

Aden is a crucial part of the customer service team at Brakepro. He believes there is no problem too big or small and will always try to find a solution, for customers.

Aden Bathurst Spare Part Professional

Fun Facts

  • Hi, my name is Aden, and I am Ben’s number 1 go to man (Shhh, don’t tell the team). My first ever car was a two-door Mazda 1300 with a fantastic colour choice of Brown… No idea what Mazda was thinking, with this colour!

  • My current everyday driver is a 2017 Ford Ranger XLT. You can’t beat a ranger for size ;). No, I am not overcompensating!!

  • Believe it or not my days are hectic! Most days consist of dealing and taking customer orders (Each person averages a phone call every 5-10 minutes), within that time we have to work out pricing, order in the correct parts (If needed) from suppliers, organise freight and making sure invoices are correct and sent to Lance for part picking. 

    Why the above doesn’t seem like much when we have a different problem or customer every 5-10 minutes it can become very fast paced. 

  • A lot of problems we experience are either in freight, i.e. The supplier has packed an incorrect part within a box, or the parts listings are incorrect resulting in us choosing the wrong parts from our suppliers and delays on freight. But, no problem is too big or too small, we always try to find a solution for our customer.

  • We pride ourselves on the fact that all of the customer service/parts interpreters come from a technical background, we’re all qualified mechanics! We can understand our customer’s problems and deliver the best technical advice. After all, at one stage we used to be in their (the customers) “boots”.

  • Hahaha, the one where I am behind the steering wheel!

  • I would probably buy a formula 3 and go racing! Told you I love motorsport!

    If it had to be a road car, it would have to be a Honda NSX.

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