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Gift Vouchers – Can I purchase a Gift Vouchers from Brakepro Bathurst?

Yes – just call into Brakepro Bathurst and the friendly team can assist you with your purchase.

Online Orders – Can I place an order online with Brakepro Bathurst?

Non- Account and Account holding customers cannot purchase online from Brakepro Bathurst at this point. Please refer to your local store for methods of transaction.

Trading Account – How do I open a trading account with Brakepro Bathurst?

Just contact Brakepro Bathurst and they can assist you in opening a trading account.

Credit Cards – What credit cards do Brakepro Bathurst accept for payment?

Brakepro Bathurst accepts Visa & Mastercard.

Cheque – Can I pay by Cheque when making a purchase at Brakepro Bathurst?

Cheques are not accepted for cash transactions, Brakepro Bathurst accepts Cash, Visa, Mastercard & American Express. Cheques are accepted for trading account payments.

App – Does Brakepro Bathurst have a Smart Phone App for parts ordering?

Not at this point in time.

Sales Representative – How do I contact my local Sales Representative?

Account Customers can contact Brakepro Bathurst. Just give them a call and they will have the Sales Representative call you back when they are free.

Privacy Policy – What is your Privacy Policy? 

Find our privacy policy under company info below.


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36 Bant Street, Bathurst NSW 2795
PHONE: 02 6331 1466
EMAIL: sales@brakepro.com.au
ABN: 66 399 883 816
LIC NO:  MVRL 42735 

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